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Your privacy in your home
We understand how important it is that carers show discretion and complete respect of your home, your privacy and your personal space. 
Although privacy is always one of the first aspects that is mentioned by families who are first considering hiring a companion, it is rarely an issue once the companion has settled in. Managing expectations on both sides is key to success, and certain things must be discussed with your companion upon arrival. Privacy is one of them.
You are both entitled to your own space and privacy. Make sure this is discussed at the outset and that you both have the same expectations. For example when you may wish to be uninterrupted in various rooms in the house or if/when it is ever acceptable to go into each other’s bedrooms.

Checking references
We are happy to assure you that all our candidates are already in the UK so their references and visas are much easier to validate. They must also meet our strict registration criteria. 
Driving guidance
As an agency we ask our carers to produce a current driving licence. We cannot endorse this or their driving ability. 
Your car
If you require your carer to drive your car, it is your responsibility to ensure she is properly insured. Check with your insurance company that your carer can be included on your current car insurance policy. Some policies also have age restrictions on who they cover.
Our refund policy
We pride ourselves in making the best matches and they are nearly always successful as we take great care to assess every detail of both the host and the carer’s personalities and requirements.
In the unlikely event of a placement not working out we offer a free replacement or % age refund guarantee during the first six weeks. See our terms and conditions for more details.


Your safety & protection

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