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Why become a live-in carer?


Flexible, well paid jobs to suit you

All carers and companions live-in, rent-free and are paid between £90 and £900 per week, depending on hours, requirements, skills and experience. You choose what type of job, duties, hours, client, location and salary you want. 


Rota carers 
Rota carers are experienced, high-calibre carers who work on a 2 or 3-week rota with one other carer. You will choose your client and you will keep the same client for each rota. £700 - £900 per week (gross). Self-employed. 

Permanent full-time carers and companions
Permanent Full-Time Carers and Companions work full-time for just one client who they live with permanently, as part of the family. You choose your client and you will be employed full-time, by the family. You will get 1-2 paid days off each week + 28 days paid holiday + no rent, bills or food to pay for. You can keep all your possessions in the house all year round. Salary £650 - £800 per week (gross). The client/employer will take care of taxes and all expenses. 


Part-time companions
Part-Time Companions are professionals who already have another job. This is a home-share arrangement where you live with your client for free, with all your bills and food paid for + you will get an extra £90 - £150 per week. In return, you will help your client in and around the home for about 4 hours a day (approx.) often at the beginning and the end of the day, to fit around your main job.


Benefits of becoming a live-in companion for an elderly person

We Find The Best Jobs for the Best Carers and Companions

You can earn more money with us:

  • You choose and control what jobs you take

  • Our service is FREE to all carers

  • You can live rent free, with no bills and your meals, days off and holidays paid for (subject to Terms)

  • Part-time companions can have another job and earn more money as well

  • Companions on a rota can be self-employed and choose 2 or 3 week rotas

We get some of the best jobs across the UK:  

Our clients include celebrities and aristocrats. Most of our clients are wonderful people to live with. Some of their homes are fabulous! We do our best to ensure carers' accommodation is comfortable and cleared so you can make your room your own.  

We work closely with our clients to ensure carers are treated with respect and kindness and that carers are given the legal breaks and rights that they are entitled to. 

We make some of the best and happiest matches across the UK. 

All we need from you is:

You will need to demonstrate that you are high-calibre, a genuinely kind, compassionate, warm-hearted, responsible person, with good housekeeping abilities and an affinity with elderly people. You will need to have:


All you need to do is send the following information and documents to us. If you have the skills and experience that show you can offer top-quality care, we will be in touch to arrange a telephone interview.

  1. Your name address and phone number

  2. A full CV

  3. A copy of your DBS certificate

  4. A copy of your care training certificates

  5. A copy of your passport

  6. Three written references (or more if you have them), or details of three referees. These must include job title (where relevant), full address, email and telephone number. Ideally, these should be your last three employers.

  7. Photos of you with friends and family

You can send this to us at: or


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