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Meet our companion care team

Read about some of our carers below

Please note, this is a sample of some of our carers and companions. For data protection, their names have been changed.

Carer from Home Care Companions


Bruce is a 58 year old full time companion who is a particularly charming gentle man with a strong vocation in life to care for elderly people and transform the lives of those who have become unable to do what they want due to old age. 

He gave up a career in the city to become a companion and wants to live in a calm and kind environment. Bruce is a very experienced companion with absolutely excellent references. He is a driver, high calibre, intelligent, British, non-smoker, flexible on location but prefers to stay in the South of England.

He would ideally like to live with a host who may be able to go on occasional days out with his assistance. Bruce is sensitive, calm, kind, compassionate, well dressed, loves good food and refined environments.

Bruce’s references have described him as: “a compassionate and gentle person, thoughtful, genuine kind-heartedness, a Godsend is an understatement, truly loving nature, impressive level of knowledge, she came to really love him, couldn’t commend him highly enough… lovely, empathetic, gentle, diligent, adaptable, caring, considerate.”  One of his ‘thank you’ letters reads…“I am sure that each person you help will be delighted with your work.”



Heidi is an intelligent, capable, active and articulate 40 year old part-time companion who is German and speaks fluent English. She has lived and studied in the UK for 11 years and would like to settle in Devon, Cornwall or Bristol; ideally close to the sea. 


Heidi is a very experienced companion with years of care and dementia experience in hospital wards, as a therapy assistant and in private homes. She has a BA in Fine Arts and a masters in Cultural Studies as well as qualifications in first aid, and as a sports coach, swimming instructor and surf coach.  


Heidi is a driver, has her own car and loves cooking. She enjoys swimming, yoga, hiking, socialising, surfing and seeing her family in France and Germany. Heidi would now like to find a job where she is not full-time and her care work allows her plenty of time off to study physiotherapy and/or massage therapy. 


Heidi describes herself as: “a compassionate and curious person who likes helping others and has a great capacity and understanding for people and their circumstances.” Her references say she is: “reliable, conscientious, an inspiring teacher... sweet tempered, encouraging... Excellent... honest and with excellent integrity... able to follow instructions well, excellent health/sickness record... able to work well under pressure... overall she did an excellent job...”



Cindy is an extremely experienced and highly trained staff nurse who is also an accredited assessor within the healthcare sector. She has also done some care work in the UK and South Africa, including looking after Nelson Mandela. Cindy is now looking for a permanent live-in position in the South of England. 


Cindy is a very young and fit 60 year old British South African who describes herself as kind, caring, assertive, compassionate, friendly and professional.


Cindy has many exemplary references from doctors who she has worked with as well as family of former clients. They describe her as: “professional, efficient, friendly, willing, excellent interpersonal skills, diligent, hard working... extremely helpful, always willing to go the extra mile… conscientious, reliable, good interest and insight... very good rapport with her patients… honest, ever-willing, courteous... very efficient… extremely competent and professional... exemplary care, great comfort, so well cared for….her friendly personality and efficiency made it a pleasure to work with her... I cannot recommend her too highly.”


Cindy enjoys current affairs, international travel, riding, tennis, squash, running, swimming and ice skating.

Alice Richardson x Photo 1 Portrait - Copy.png


Amy is a kind and caring 40 year old carer from Surrey who has extensive experience working with older people.


Amy has worked as a private carer for a lady with quadriplegia, an outreach domiciliary care worker for the elderly, including dementia and Alzheimer’s, a breath practitioner, specialising in trauma release, a nanny and she has also worked in a children’s care home.


Amy has a BA (Hons) in creative advertising and has numerous qualifications, including medication dispensing and manual handling. Amy loves animals and in her spare time, she enjoys arts and crafts, gardening, cooking healthy meals… and cakes… exercise, walks in nature, meditation, playing the guitar, and discovering new places.


Amy describes herself as: “A bubbly person who likes everyone she meets to feel lighter and joyful… kind, compassionate… a sunny disposition… with an infectious laugh… creative… wants her host to feel safe and empowered in their own home… my clients would say that I have always treated my clients with the highest dignity and respect possible… conscientious around the house… clean and tidy.”


Her references say she is: “always such a joy to work with… hardworking, honest & reliable… she is one of the most caring & thoughtful people I know... she has an amazing capacity to show empathy, no matter who or what the situation is… always kept an assertive and calm demeanour…


"…an excellent role model... she has a benevolent, caring and content happy nature, will always go above and beyond to make the people around her feel loved and appreciated... She always ensured everybody was made to feel as comfortable as possible


“…enthusiastic, lively and creative…she would be a great addition to any family... extremely compassionate and caring nature ensures she always goes above and beyond in any task asked of her (although most of the time she instinctively understands what is needed)… a dedicated, disciplined and dependable employee… it has been an honour to have her work with us for so long and she comes highly recommended…an exemplary employee… ability to adapt to a novel and changing environment... effective communication with clients and fellow employees have proven to be of the highest quality…


“she is articulate and literate to a level beyond that of higher education… flexible…highly organized and punctual... a positive and encouraging person whose personality is reflected in those working with her…a highly qualified person for an employment of this nature… …she will be an asset to any employer.”

Carer from Home Care Companions


Josh is an exceptional 42 year old part-time companion. He is a British fitness instructor for elderly people in central London. He is also a qualified reflexologist, personal trainer, gym instructor, water-based exercise instructor, indoor cycling instructor and stress-management consultant. Josh has extensive experience as a full-time live-in companion with extended duties such as driving his host, pet care, supporting a stroke victim and organising outings.  


Josh is educated to degree level and has achieved many certificates in reflexology, first aid and various levels and types of fitness instruction. He is a driver, non-smoker, likes pets and enjoys preparing very healthy food. He is also happy to prepare whatever his hosts like to eat.


Josh enjoys tennis, squash, badminton, athletics, scuba diving, films, singing in choirs, travel, wildlife and reading.


Josh’s references reflect his passion for helping others and describe him as: “helpful, caring, honest, trustworthy … he listens to people… he is a very caring and calm person… reliable, solid, likeable, very experienced, looks out for everyone… he is such a nice person… his considerable skills with …. situation awareness… practical abilities makes him a great asset in all situations.”

Carer from Home Care Companions


Ruby is an intelligent, articulate and smartly presented full-time companion or companion plus with many years’ care experience. She is a lovely lady, aged 60 but young and fit. Ruby is originally from Zimbabwe and has been in the UK since 2002.

Ruby is a driver with a clean licence of 38 years. She is charming, extensive experience, happy to be in any location as long as it’s not rural or in a rural village. She has family in Manchester and Yorkshire.

Ruby has been a carer for many years and formerly a police officer, book keeper/accountant and studied law at university.

She describes herself as a compassionate and nurturing person so it comes naturally to me to be a care giver. Hard working, cheerful and compassionate. She has requested to be in a home with no pets.

Ruby is a Seventh Day Aventis Christian and likes to go to church every Saturday. She also enjoys reading, baking, cooking and walking.

Ruby’s references say she is: “meticulous, kind, patient… reliable… honest and hardworking… reassured my mother and all of us… she was a great friend to her when we needed her most…. Very capable lady… sensitive and kind… we have no hesitation in recommending Ruby for any care work, however complex.”

Carer from Home Care Companions

Mary & Jeff

Mary and Jeff are an exceptional carer couple. They are both Polish, speak fluent English and have their own home in Yorkshire, which they rent out. Mary and Jeff are currently looking after an elderly couple in Sussex and the four of them go out every day together. When they are not out, the two couples can often be found playing cards together at the kitchen table.  


Mary is an exceptional 51 year old companion or companion plus with extensive care qualifications and experience and the ability to care for hosts with complex needs. Mary is always charming on the phone, articulate, intelligent, chatty and very warm. She describes herself as good with people and kind-hearted with lots of patience - reliable, responsible, well organised, pleasant, caring, consistent, dependable and “always accountable for the quality of my work”. She also describes herself as someone with a lot of energy and a merry, sociable nature. 


Mary is a non-smoker, non-driver but her partner Jeff does all the driving. She is catholic and has in the past been an economist and a professional chef. She also loves walking, cooking, gardening and going to the theatre. 


Jeff is a 56 year old Polish man who is working as a carer supporting Mary. He has not had any formal care experience but he has looked after his own mother after a stroke in Poland and he learns as he goes, supporting Mary. Prior to this, Jeff has been working in the UK since 2005 as a licenced, self-employed taxi driver and chauffer in Yorkshire, as a housekeeper and assistant cook in a hotel in Scotland and in an Amazon warehouse in Doncaster. Prior to that he worked in Poland in accounting and management. He is committed to working in care now, supporting Mary in a partnership role. Jeff enjoys gardening and history and is a practicing Christian.


Mary’s references describe her as: “calm, competent, compassionate, delivered a consistently high standard of care, forms excellent bonds, respectful, anticipated needs, attended to care whilst maintaining dignity at all times, excellent… …  fantastic, we couldn’t have managed without her… she is an excellent person… absolutely fantastic…. I can’t say enough good things about her…”

Carer from Home Care Companions


Sandie is a 27 year old part-time companion looking for a position in the South East. Sandie can be very flexible on her hours until she has settled into a new routine as she does not currently have another job. 


Sandie has worked in various care roles in the past, including looking after a young man with a brain injury and work in a day centre where she also attended various care training courses. She has just returned to the UK from an au pair position looking after two young boys in Italy.


Sandie has a psychology degree and four A-Levels. She has travelled extensively and worked as a teacher training assistant in Cambodia, volunteered at a work-exchange organisation and worked as a volunteer for an environmental charity on an organic farm in Somerset that provides therapeutic visits and experiential learning for primary school children and for vulnerable children and adults. She has also worked as an adult social care officer at East Sussex County Council and in a day centre with adults needing physical care and/or companionship, where she prepared and conducted activities and assisted with personal care and administering medication. 


Sandie describes herself as kind, compassionate, open-minded, calm, thoughtful, patient and fun loving. She enjoys walking, cycling, yoga, cooking, reading, movies and listening to music.


Her references describe her as: “independent, flexible, …capable, always tried to help out where she could… she really became a valued member of our family…I definitely would recommend Sandie……organized, dependable, reliable… always fulfilled her duties competently and with enthusiasm…excellent communications skills… an excellent volunteer… was an essential part of the smooth running of the organisation… extremely capable and knowledgeable… very flexible… would do whatever was asked of her with a smile on her face… used her initiative… worked well on her own and was also a very valuable team member… very personable and friendly… conscientious, diligent and creative… gave beyond what was required… hard working… positive disposition…. willing and flexible and always prepared to help out… strong interpersonal and communication skills… a great asset.

Carer from Home Care Companions


Paul is a 50 year old Danish/Russian gentleman who moved back from the UK from living in Saudi Arabia a year ago. He has also lived in Egypt, England, Denmark, France, Italy, New Zealand, Qatar and Wales


Paul is an intellectual and an English language and English literature teacher and has been teaching all over the world for the last 19 years.  He is now settled in the UK as a part-time companion with extra hours. He is not a qualified carer, but is with his host most of the time.


In his spare time, Paul pursues his writing career. He writes historical fiction and does some online teaching.


Paul is happy to help his host with all aspects of housework, shopping, cooking, going out to appointments or on leisure outings, gardening and looking after dogs. He does not have any care qualifications and would not want to look after someone who has many personal care needs, however, he does have some experience of looking after elderly people and is willing to learn anything he cannot already do. . 


Paul enjoys arts, films, music, theatre, ballet, literature, history, politics, fitness, traveling, cultural anthropology and religion. He also likes dogs and gardening and is happy to help a host with looking after either. 


Paul describes himself as: “a stimulating conversationalist, intellectually invigorating, culturally knowledgeable and sensitive, well-mannered, having a sense of humour, and respectful.” 


His references say he is “empathetic, creative, committed and talented… liked by staff and students…

Carer from Home Care Companions


Sasha is an experienced carer who is 51 years old, British, a non-driver and is passionate about her work and helping her clients retain their independence and ability to remain in their own homes.


Sasha is a very capable lady who has a rich and varied career in prestigious parts of London and counties all over the UK. Her work has included being a foster carer for seven children and working as a carer for elderly people with various conditions including advanced Alzheimer’s disease. 


Sasha enjoys cooking, baking cakes, yoga and Pilates. She loves walking, the sea, listening to music, current affairs, reading and art. She describes herself as honest, kind, compassionate, trustworthy, empathetic, friendly, mature and professional. 


Her references describe her as: “... she was a star... a gentle person and a capable carer of the best kind... a very caring person... person-centered… has a sharp focus on my daughter’s wellbeing... clean and tidy... a very good communicator... very capable… she has always demonstrated an calm and logical approach to her work... demonstrates care, empathy professionalism... honest, trustworthy and reliable and goes the extra mile to get the best results…relaxed approach and calm but happy demeanor... a caring, happy and kind person... Sasha managed to stimulate and regain some of my mother’s previously lost interest in life... she is an outstanding carer... I can hand on heart recommend her and she will no doubt be an asset to any organisation.”



Bernie Kitley is a fit and youthful 63 year old British South African who is intelligent, articulate, well-educated and has had a wealth of life experience, but not as a carer. Bernie would be great company and is willing to do anything for her host. She is happy to go on courses and take on personal care for her host. Bernie comes with her beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sybil, an extremely quiet, polite and well behaved seven year old. 


Bernie grew up on a farm in Dorset and studied horticulture. She then went into recruitment in London and moved to South Africa when she was 20. For many years she ran a substantial herb nursery with 14 staff, a shop and a tea room. During this time, Bernie ran classes, taught, gave lectures, ran herb workshops and regularly appeared on national television with her extensive knowledge of medicinal, culinary, insect repellent and companion herbs and their uses. She has even formulated and manufactured her own natural herb skin care range. Bernie has also worked in hospitality, travel and the cosmetics industry. She is divorced with two children and two grandchildren in South Africa. She is a driver and has her own car. 


Bernie likes looking after people and says she has “a lot to give.” She has a passion for nature and loves animals, plants, wildlife and birds. She loves listening to people and making their lives better, as well as cooking lovely meals, herbs, gardening, reading, writing, horse riding, walking, hiking, research, tennis, travel, listening, Sudoku, crosswords, history and visiting old places. 


Bernie describes herself as a well-rounded person who is content and happy… caring, compassionate, humble and has a feel for people. She says she loves listening, is a good friend and has a great sense of humour. In addition, she is calm, positive, reliable, responsible, aware of boundaries, has common sense and is straight-forward with no hidden agendas.

Her references say she is: “one of the most hard-working, diligent people that I know... a woman of great integrity... extremely dedicated to her work and is entirely peace-loving… always goes the extra mile for others… pragmatic... multi-dexterous... delightful sense of humour... she is the proverbial “Mary Poppins” and will bring joy and laughter to all those who come into contact with her... she has managed to stay positive regardless of numerous set-backs... overcomes obstacles and makes a success of anything that she puts her mind to... compassionate... has an incisive mind and acute insight... wide general knowledge and yet is always keen to learn from all around her... I am sure she will have the most positive impact on anyone who is in her care... her sense of humour is delightful and her laugh infectious.


Sybil also has a references, which says she is: “incredibly gentle and friendly... she will add value… many people benefit greatly from the unconditional love given by a dog like Sybil and she will have an immensely positive impact on a person needing such attention... everyone adores her... she’s a healer.”  Rhodesian Ridgebacks are quite different to most breeds of dog. They are highly intelligent, calm, (if walked regularly), sensitive to people around them, quiet, they rarely bark and they hardly molt.



Jenny is a very youthful 63 year old companion who drives, has her own car, has lived in Essex most of her life and spent quite a lot of time living in Spain. 


Jenny is not a qualified carer. She has had many jobs and businesses of her own, including estate agency, sales, (running her own sales teams), volunteering for Age Concern, house and pet-sitting and most recently she been working as a part-time wedding co-ordinator, 


Now Jenny wants to be a full-time companion for someone who does not need too much personal care. Jane describes herself as: “very clean, bright, active, engaging, confident, outgoing, reliable, capable and intelligent.” She enjoys reading, writing, socialising, travelling, dog walking and shopping. She also has two grown-up daughters. 


Jenny is available to start any time as her current Host now needs full-time personal care and has agency carers looking after her day and night. 


Please note: Jenny has a delightful labradoodle called Buddy who is a really lovely, calm and quiet dog and comes with his own impeccable references. He could be a great asset to any home where he is welcome, but Jenny would not consider taking a job without him.


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