Live in home help for the elderly.
HKUome Help Companions are here to provide you with trusted and affordable live in companions, so you're not lonely and you can stay in your own home for longer.

Live-in Home Help for Independent Seniors

A "cost-effective" breath of fresh air


We make the best matches!


By cutting out a care agency, you can ensure you stay independent in your own home, at a lower cost, and stay in control of your care.

The secret of our success is that we take more time to listen to our client's needs, personality, expectations, and lifestyle to match you with your ideal carer. 


That is why our matches are usually such happy ones.

For You:

  • More choice over whom you have come into your home

  • A more flexible service depending on the hours and duties you want

  • More experienced and skilled carers who don't need to be managed by a care agency manager

  • Higher calibre carers: We only take the top 5% of carefully vetted professionals

  • No agency = lower cost

  • You stay in control


Higher calibre carers whom all have:

  • Care training certificates/diplomas

  • References: at least 3 written and verified references

  • Full CV

  • Professional elderly care experience

  • A longer and more thorough application and interview process


Three Levels of Care: 

1. A Full-time Permanent Companion or Carer is a high-calibre, carefully selected professional with excellent skills, knowledge and experience. We'll match you with your ideal companion/carer, and she will live with you and work 5 or 5½ or 6 full days a week just for you. We can help you find cover for her days off, breaks, and holidays, an average of £650 per week. ​

2. Rota Companions or Carers are all qualified, high-calibre, self-employed professionals. You can choose whom you have, and they will each work 7 days a week for you on a 2-3 week live-in rota. Average £860 per week. 

​3. Part-time Companions are not carers. They are professionals from other fields of work who will home-share with you and help you in and around the house when they are not at work. They will help for about 25 hours a week. To fit in around their main day job. In return, you give them free accommodation, food and £90 - £150 per week. 










Save Money:

  • No management or care agency fees or commission or hidden extras

  • We charge just one one-off set-up fee if you decide to go ahead (£180.00), and then you can choose between a daily administration fee of £23 per day for self-employed carers on 2-3 week rota or a one-off introduction fee for a single employee (4 x weekly salary)

  • Low admin: We make the whole process easy for you.  

  • Did you know you may be entitled to £77 per week (approx.) back from HMRC? Ask us for more info.

  • We differ from most other agencies as we do not employ companions directly or take a percentage of their wages. With our help, support and guidance, you hire or employ your companion directly. It’s straightforward - and the benefits to you speak for themselves.​


Benefits of hiring/employing your companion directly

  • It is usually much cheaper 

  • It gives you more control

  • Assurance you have seen all references and background checks that most care agencies do not have 

  • You have the same carers consistently whom you have chosen yourself

  • Improves communication between the family and the companion

  • Strengthens the commitment, on both sides, for the relationship to work

  • More flexibility on when and how you want your help delivered

  • Their loyalty is to you personally, not the agency

  • You see and interview as many candidates as you like, at no extra cost

  • We offer free replacements (subject to terms and conditions)

  • As there is no agency taking a cut in their pay, your companion will probably receive more pay from you than they would from a care agency. This attracts carers with more experience and qualifications

Live in home help typical duties.