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We offer a bespoke, popular and lower-cost alternative to elderly care, cutting out expensive care agency fees and avoiding unknown and often inexperienced carers being 'sent' into your home. You benefit from keeping control of your care, excellent value for money and no hidden surprises.

About private care for elderly at home

Home Care Companions provides practical help, support, and personal introductions to some of the UK's best private carers.

For our Hosts we:


  • Find some of the most qualified, experienced and caring live-in carers and companions in the UK.

  • Check and vet carers more thoroughly.

  • Charge less - no care management or training fees.

  • Provide companions at a fraction of the cost of a care agency. In some cases, we reduce home care costs by as much as 50%.

  • Offer a flexible home help service depending on the hours and duties you want.

  • Provide peace of mind as all companions sleep in the home overnight.

  • Make the best and happiest matches.

For our Carers we:

  • Offer a FREE service to find your ideal match.

  • Make the best and happiest matches.

  • Find fabulous and respectful clients across the UK in some great homes. 

  • Arrange better working conditions with paid holidays and paid days off or rota work to suit you.

  • You choose your own work patterns and schedules.

  • Listen to what you want and match you with a client you want.

  • Find you a job with the hours and duties you want to work. We are different to any care agency.

  • Offer support before and during placements.

All carers and companions live rent-free in the house and are paid between £90 & £900 per week, depending on hours and requirements.

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