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1. Register

  • Registration is easy and free: by telephone or online.

2. Consultation

  • A member of our team will take all the time needed to listen and talk to you.

  • We will ensure we understand your exact needs, wants, personality, lifestyle, expectations and preferences.

  • There is no fee to pay until you decide you would like to go ahead.

  • You will be carefully matched with suitable carers to ensure we find a compatible carer for you, matched on skills, experience, work patterns, plus common interests where possible.

3. View matched candidates

  • Selected candidates' 1-page summaries will be emailed to you - usually the same day.

  • Further candidate information is provided later on. It is extremely detailed and informative, including supporting documents such as social and family photographs, a Dear Host letter, DBS checks, references, certificates, qualifications and personal information.

  • All our candidates are already UK-based, so checks can be more reliable and supported.

4. Phone interview

  • You will be invited to telephone or Facetime candidates you like.

  • We will send you suggested interview questions and guidelines.


5. Face-to-face meeting

  • All our candidates are already in the UK, so they can come and meet you, or Facetime. 

  • This is a valuable opportunity for you both to exchange as much information as possible and to get a feel for whether it is a good match in terms of expectations and chemistry.


6. Confirm your carer

  • Once you have selected your new carer, your confirmation will follow.

  • Both parties will be sent guides to hosting/being a carer.

  • Paperwork is easy and pre-prepared.


7. Ongoing support

  • Once the placement is confirmed we still care about your Home Care Companion experience. We will send you helpful information to make your settling in period smooth and easy... and we are always here and happy to keep in touch.


Our senior personal care recruitment process

In 7 easy steps...

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