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Sasha is an experienced carer who is 51 years old, British, a non-driver and is passionate about her work and helping her clients retain their independence and ability to remain in their own homes.


Sasha is a very capable lady who has a rich and varied career in prestigious parts of London and counties all over the UK. Her work has included being a foster carer for seven children and working as a carer for elderly people with various conditions including advanced Alzheimer’s disease. 


Sasha enjoys cooking, baking cakes, yoga and Pilates. She loves walking, the sea, listening to music, current affairs, reading and art. She describes herself as honest, kind, compassionate, trustworthy, empathetic, friendly, mature and professional. 


Her references describe her as: “… she was a star… a gentle person and a capable carer of the best kind… a very caring person… person-centered… has a sharp focus on my daughter’s wellbeing… clean and tidy… a very good communicator… very capable… she has always demonstrated an calm and logical approach to her work… demonstrates care, empathy professionalism… honest, trustworthy and reliable and goes the extra mile to get the best results…relaxed approach and calm but happy demeanor…  a caring, happy and kind person… Sasha managed to stimulate and regain some of my mother’s previously lost interest in life… she is an outstanding carer…I can hand on heart recommend her and she will no doubt be an asset to any organisation.”