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Paul is a 50 year old Danish/Russian gentleman who moved back from the UK from living in Saudi Arabia a year ago. He has also lived in Egypt, England, Denmark, France, Italy, New Zealand, Qatar and Wales


Paul is an intellectual and an English language and English literature teacher and has been teaching all over the world for the last 19 years.  He is now settled in the UK as a part-time companion with extra hours. He is not a qualified carer, but is with his host most of the time.


In his spare time, Paul pursues his writing career. He writes historical fiction and does some online teaching.


Paul is happy to help his host with all aspects of housework, shopping, cooking, going out to appointments or on leisure outings, gardening and looking after dogs. He does not have any care qualifications and would not want to look after someone who has many personal care needs, however, he does have some experience of looking after elderly people and is willing to learn anything he cannot already do. . 


Paul enjoys arts, films, music, theatre, ballet, literature, history, politics, fitness, traveling, cultural anthropology and religion. He also likes dogs and gardening and is happy to help a host with looking after either. 


Paul describes himself as: “a stimulating conversationalist, intellectually invigorating, culturally knowledgeable and sensitive, well-mannered, having a sense of humour, and respectful.” 


His references say he is “empathetic, creative, committed and talented… liked by staff and students…