Mary and Jeff

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Mary and Jeff are an exceptional carer couple. They are both Polish, speak fluent English and have their own home in Yorkshire, which they rent out. Mary and Jeff are currently looking after an elderly couple in Sussex and the four of them go out every day together. When they are not out, the two couples can often be found playing cards together at the kitchen table.  


Mary is an exceptional 51 year old companion or companion plus with extensive care qualifications and experience and the ability to care for hosts with complex needs. Mary is always charming on the phone, articulate, intelligent, chatty and very warm. She describes herself as good with people and kind-hearted with lots of patience - reliable, responsible, well organised, pleasant, caring, consistent, dependable and “always accountable for the quality of my work”. She also describes herself as someone with a lot of energy and a merry, sociable nature. 


Mary is a non-smoker, non-driver but her partner Jeff does all the driving. She is catholic and has in the past been an economist and a professional chef. She also loves walking, cooking, gardening and going to the theatre. 


Jeff is a 56 year old Polish man who is working as a carer supporting Mary. He has not had any formal care experience but he has looked after his own mother after a stroke in Poland and he learns as he goes, supporting Mary. Prior to this, Jeff has been working in the UK since 2005 as a licenced, self-employed taxi driver and chauffer in Yorkshire, as a housekeeper and assistant cook in a hotel in Scotland and in an Amazon warehouse in Doncaster. Prior to that he worked in Poland in accounting and management. He is committed to working in care now, supporting Mary in a partnership role. Jeff enjoys gardening and history and is a practicing Christian.


Mary’s references describe her as: “calm, competent, compassionate, delivered a consistently high standard of care, forms excellent bonds, respectful, anticipated needs, attended to care whilst maintaining dignity at all times, excellent… …  fantastic, we couldn’t have managed without her… she is an excellent person… absolutely fantastic…. I can’t say enough good things about her…”