Katherine is a 56 year old South African carer / companion who can drive. She came to the UK from Cape Town two years ago to become a carer, as it is something she really wants to, and feels a need to do. She has worked for two large care agencies and they have given her formal care training. Since then, she has been looking after a private client as a live-in companion / carer. 


Prior to being a carer, Katherine worked for many years in the oil industry as an administrator in payroll, programme management, HR, the legal department, marketing and the chairman’s office. She is married but Katherine and her husband have agreed together that they want to live apart for most of the year. She will travel back once or twice a year only on her annual leave. 


Katherine enjoys dog walking, bird watching, stretch classes, reading, watching TV, movies, knitting, crochet, seeing friends, going to cafes, learning new and creative things and doing exercises in a pool.”


Katherine describes herself as: “a caring and loving person who loves to encourage others in giving them hope to carry on and be a true friend in times of need.” She says: “I enjoy helping others and bringing some light and joy into their life. Sharing their life experiences also helps one to feel not so alone. I am a great listener and would enjoy being a companion to someone who requires someone who can assist them with the daily tasks that they may need assistance with. 


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Katherine’s references say she is: “warm and friendly, well-liked by management and colleagues, well organised, professional, happy to assist wherever needed…highly dedicated, committed, self-motivated… always friendly and highly trusted…people easily confide in her and ask for guidance with difficult situations or confidential matters… I highly recommend Katherine for any position she may apply for. She will be an asset…”