Josh is an exceptional 42 year old part-time companion. He is a British fitness instructor for elderly people in central London. He is also a qualified reflexologist, personal trainer, gym instructor, water-based exercise instructor, indoor cycling instructor and stress-management consultant. Josh has extensive experience as a full-time live-in companion with extended duties such as driving his host, pet care, supporting a stroke victim and organising outings.  


Josh is educated to degree level and has achieved many certificates in reflexology, first aid and various levels and types of fitness instruction. He is a driver, non-smoker, likes pets and enjoys preparing very healthy food. He is also happy to prepare whatever his hosts like to eat.


Josh enjoys tennis, squash, badminton, athletics, scuba diving, films, singing in choirs, travel, wildlife and reading.


Josh’s references reflect his passion for helping others and describe him as: “helpful, caring, honest, trustworthy … he listens to people… he is a very caring and calm person… reliable, solid, likeable, very experienced, looks out for everyone… he is such a nice person… his considerable skills with …. situation awareness… practical abilities makes him a great asset in all situations.”

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