Donna is an intelligent and capable 53 year old English lady. She is a qualified staff nurse, specialist in mental health child protection, care assistant, health visitor, practice teacher, children’s’ centre manager and named nurse for safeguarding children. 


Donna is a driver, has her own car, is divorced and has two grown up children. Her daughter is a senior nurse in the NHS and her son is in the RAF. 


Donna enjoys visiting her family in Kent and she also enjoys cooking, baking, patchwork, cross stitch, other crafts, reading, going on day outings, listening to music, scrabble and watching TV. 


Donna describes herself as warm, caring, funny, honest, well organised, practical, good under pressure, well liked, highly respected and much loved. 


Her references describe her as: “Professional, caring and compassionate …intelligent, thoughtful, articulate, kind honest…totally committed to her professional roles, has an innovative vision for the services she worked in… able to work with and manage a team… a person of high integrity and emotional intelligence.”


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