Dalia is a highly educated, skilled and capable companion who has been working in care for six years, both in residential care and private homes. She has a broad experience in looking after complex care and clients with dementia at managerial level. 


Dalia was born in Malaysia, graduated from university in Taiwan and did a graduate diploma in New Zealand. She then went on to do a teaching course in Italy and has been living in the UK for the last 14 years. Dalia is fluent in Mandarin, as well as English and also speaks Malay and Cantonese. Dalia has worked as a freelance translator / interpreter, 

Dalia enjoys travelling, trekking, swimming, photography, reading and music. She is practising Christian and helps in the church and local community in her spare time. 


Dalia describes herself as “hardworking, friendly, caring… a good listener …willing to spent time to listen and empathize… love encouraging others walking on the path to pursue their dreams… I am inspired by other people’s stories.”


Her references say she is: “very hardworking and conscientious… has a very honest and caring nature… has been a good companion… able to think on her feet and solve situations… she is practical… she is a very kind-hearted and caring person… very capable… highly recommended.”


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